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CNC Press Brake

With a small army of happy customers under our belt including some household brand names, we like to think that we’re more than just your run-of-the-mill CNC milling company (excuse the pun).

The good news is that we don’t just work with well-known brands, we work with a wide range of customers just like you, from start-ups, SMEs to international businesses and everything in between. We’re proud of our reputation for attention to detail and accuracy that means that when you work with us on your next CNC project it will be headache free.

Our full range of specialist CNC machining services includes detailed design and planning as well as full assembly if required. This turnkey approach means that you can have your job designed, manufactured and assembled to precise specifications with the minimum hassle.

Once you work with us you’ll understand what makes us different. Whether you’re looking to produce custom prototypes or manufacture precision part in volume you’ll find us fast, accurate and reliable and you can always get hold of us when you want to talk. How refreshing.


As you’d expect our CNC machining service allows for super-fast changeovers between projects. This means that your project deadlines can always be met and delivered on time.

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